Breast Reconstruction

Breasts are the symbol of feminity, so they are extremely important for the patient’s self-esteem and quality of life.

Breast tumors are the main reason behind breast removal surgeries. Fortunately, we have increasingly sophisticated techniques to reconstruct the partially or completely removed breasts. Tissue replacement can be performed with safe and modern silicone implants, or with the patient’s own body tissue (e.g. abdominal fat or back muscle transplantation).

Interventions can be done in one session or two, depending on the particular tissue conditions and the severity of the disease.

Nowadays, the so-called primary Breast Reconstruction has become more and more frequent, taking into account the recommendations of oncology experts. This means breast tissue removal and Breast Reconstruction (e.g. with silicone implant) at the same time, during one surgery.

The goal of Breast Reconstruction is to design new breast that is as similar to the other one as possible.

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