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Mon, 28/03/2016 - 21:23
Lip Augmentation

Good Morning,

I will be visiting Budapest from 28th - 31st March & am considering having lip augmentation whilst I am there. Please could you advise how much you charge for this procedure? I have had it done previously & like to maintain a natural looking lip but with added fulness & definition.

I shall look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,


Dear Caroline,

We have succeeded to find you an appointment date.
We welcome you for a medical consultation, after which we can perform a Lip Augmentation procedure as you say to maintain a natural looking lip with added fullness and definition.
There are two options for Lip Augmentation:
1. Hyaluronic acid (Juvederm) to fill and form lips (usually one ampulle is enough for the desired effect).
2. The treatment of both the upper and lower lips with Permalip silicone lip implants.
We also perform various Lip Lifts. The price will be specified on the medical consultation.

We are located in Budapest in the very city center. Please see the map here.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Yours Sincerely,

Personal assistant to Dr. Pataki
Chief Doctor of Premium Plastic Surgery

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Sat, 24/10/2015 - 13:42
Breast Augmentation and Breastfeeding

Dear Doctor,

My small breasts made me self-conscious all my life. I always wanted bigger and better shaped breasts. I came to that point when I would go for a Breast Augmentation, but I’m 29 now, so it is likely that we will want a baby with my partner within a few years. Do I have to wait until the end of the breastfeeding period, or the surgery can be performed even now without causing any trouble later? I definitely want to breastfeed later!

Thank you, Claudia

Dear Claudia,

A Breast Augmentation performed with appropriate expertise, and high quality implants and equipment usually does not influence breastfeeding, so there is no reason to delay the operation.

Although the surgical risks include the damage of mammary glands and ducts, this is very rare and unusual problem with a small inframammary incision.

I suggest you to visit us for a consultation, where we explain everything in detail and show you some illustrations about what exactly happens during Breast Augmentation. Every further question also can be answered there personally.


Dr. Greg Pataki plastic surgeon

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Thu, 17/09/2015 - 14:09
Breast Implant Rupture

I have received breast implants 9 years ago. I was very satisfied with the results, but recently I had to go through some examinations because of swollen glands and mild pain. According to the MRI findings, I have "intracapsular rupture" in my left breast. I'm so scared, I don’t know what should I do. Please help me!

Thank you very much:


Dear Tímea!

Implant rupture can be due to a lot of reasons.

You didn’t mention the manufacturer and the type of your implants, but we use only those that have a special lifetime warranty, which means that the new implant is free of charge, and surgery costs are also included up to 1000 EUR.

I suggest that you should visit the doctor performing the surgery first. It is important to know that the problem is not necessarily their fault (especially when a rupture happens after all this time), since there could be a defect in manufacture.

The urgency of a new operation depends on your condition, but it’s a fact that the damaged implant must be removed. (Within 1-2 months if there are no symptoms, but as you have written, you already have!)

Do not despair, since the danger can be fully averted with the appropriate plastic surgical help, and you will be satisfied with the breasts again!


Dr. Greg Pataki plastic surgeon