Male Breast Reduction

When talking about Cosmetic Breast Surgery, male breasts are also to be mentioned.

Male breasts that are bigger than the average can cause problems. Enlargement of male breasts is usually caused by genetic or hormonal changes, due to hormone treatment, other medicines, or obesity.

This means a feminine shape with increased mass of glandular and fat tissues, which may be really disturbing. The diagnosis of bigger, palpable and sensitive breast glands is called gynecomastia. Male Breast Reduction is the perfect way to solve this, with the removal of excess breast tissue.

Depending on the situation, we use excision or liposuction – and often the combination of these two. Feminine male breast caused by obesity can be reconstructed with liposuction with impressive results.

In more severe cases, we replace the nipple to its ideal place, and remove the excess skin if needed.

The goal of Male Breast Reduction is to achieve the best aesthetic result. After the surgery, our patient regains his masculine chest, which affects his self-confidence positively.

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