Sporting Women Want Shapely Breasts As Well


Dr. Greg Pataki plastic surgeon is the chief plastic surgeon of Premium Plastic Surgery in Budapest, where mostly aesthetic-reconstructive surgical operations are performed. Breast augmentation is part of the clinic’s daily routine, so Dr. Pataki knows a lot about the motivations of the patients. He answers some important questions concerning breast augmentation for the readers of a Hungarian magazine called SPORTIME below.

– Breast augmentation is one of the most common surgery in your clinic. It can be performed due to several reasons. What is the main motivation of the ladies who attend your clinic?

– As each woman has her own "ideal image" about beautiful, feminine breasts, the motivations of breast augmentation are different. Of course, the most common reason is that they want bigger breasts. Nowadays, in the Western culture a shapely bosom embodies feminity. If they are not satisfied with the gift of the nature, it can be perceived as demolition of their feminity, which reduces their confidence as well. Besides this, asymmetry and pregnancy-related changes are the major reasons.

– Is asymmetry that common? What is the solution?

– Many women turn to us because of similar complaints. Significant asymmetry of the breasts can be really disturbing, and mostly occurs in younger patients. We can call this a certain kind of malformation in medical sense. Almost every woman has asymmetrical breasts, but it is not always obvious. But if one breast is a whole cup size smaller than the other, that can mean psychological burden. With suitable implants – which have typically different shape and size –, very good results can be achieved. Implant-sizing and fitting are very important pillars of the first consultation.

– Pregnancy-related changes how affect women? What is the solution?

– The pregnancy is a blessing for many women, and figuratively meant "curse" alike; as the joy of having a baby is incomparable, but the physical strain leaves its heavy marks on their body. We can increase the lost volume by using implants, and in many cases, it solves the sagging as well. Breast-lift is often necessary too – for the best aesthetic result. Depending on the situation, we perform a simple breast-lift or complex breast tissue remodelling, such as an implant combined with a breast lift, which is one of the biggest challenges in plastic surgery. These breast enhancements can be part of the so called „mommy makeover” treatments, in which a tummy tuck or a facial rejuvenation may be included too.

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